meet the characters

Sam's adventures reminds us that life comes and goes but memories of family and friends last forever.

sam round.png

Sam Caruso

"Count on Sam whenever it’s time to play."

  • Full Name: Sam Caruso
  • Hometown: Los Angeles

  • Favorite Holidays: All of them

  • Likes: Spaghetti dinner, early Saturday mornings,  mom’s chocolate cake

  • Dislikes: Lima beans

mr caruso round.png

Mr. Caruso

"There nothing Mr. Caruso likes better than his comfy chair and a western novel."

  • Full Name: Ray Caruso
  • Hometown: Philadelphia

  • Favorite Pastime: Barbecuing and reading

  • Likes: Family dinner at Nonno Pete and Nonna Carla’s 

  • Dislikes: Children snooping for Christmas presents



"The focus of Sam Caruso’s attention."

  • Full Name: Maximillian
  • Owners: Mrs. Thompson and Sam Caruso

  • Likes: Walkies around the neighborhood

  • Dislikes: Being petted on the head

  • Favorite place to sleep: Next to Sam’s bed.

nono round.png

Nonno Pete

"Pesky snails don’t have a chance in Nonno Pete’s garden."

  • Full Name: Pete Giugno
  • Country of Birth: Sicily

  • Favorite Food: Anything with pasta and cream puffs

  • Likes: Sunday drives and movies

  • Dislikes: Cold winter days



"Tagging along with her older brother is so much fun."

  • Full Name: Maggie Caruso
  • Hometown: Los Angeles

  • Favorite game: Hopscotch

  • Likes: Christmas morning opening presents

  • Dislikes: Taking down the Christmas tree


Mrs. Thompson

"There a place for everything in Mrs. Thompson’s house."

  • Full Name: Elizabeth Thompson
  • State Born: Massachusetts

  • Favorite Place to Travel: Newfoundland

  • Likes: Visits with Sam and Maggie

  • Dislikes: Good byes

mrs caruso round.png

Mrs. Caruso

"A slice of Mrs. Caruso’s yummy chocolate cake is worth waiting for a birthday."

  • Full Name: Josephine Caruso
  • Hometown: Los Angeles

  • Favorite Food: Nonna Carla’s Thanksgiving dressing.

  • Likes: Christmas Eve and dyeing Easter eggs.

  • Dislikes: A splash of spaghetti sauce on a blouse.


Aunt Nancy

"Pied Piper of Sam’s adventures."

  • Full Name: Nancy Margaret Datria
  • Hometown: Los Angeles

  • Favorite singer: Frank Sinatra

  • Likes: Being the best aunt a boy could have



"Rewiring a radio keeps Oliver busy on a Saturday afternoon."

  • Full Name: Oliver Shaw
  • Hometown: Los Angeles

  • Best Friend: Sam Caruso

  • Favorite possession: Lionel trains

  • Likes: Grilled cheese sandwiches and potato chips

  • Dislikes: Going to bed early, starched school shirts